Tourists will Benefit from Four New Airports for Bolivia in 2014

Vladimir Sánchez, Bolivia's Minister of Housing & Public Works, announced last month the construction of four new airports that will open in 2014. Two of these will be international airports, while the other two will be dedicated to domestic tourism.

For years, Bolivia was hampered by one of South America's most backward air transport systems, controlled until recently by transnational companies. Yet significant changes have been underway this year. In February, Evo Morales inaugurated a new international airport in Oruro. The same month, the president decided to nationalize three of the nation's main airports and the Spanish-owned company which administers them, establishing an investment plan to improve services.

The Touristic Airport of Copacabana (Department of La Paz)

Construction is already underway in the popular backpackers' town of Copacabana west of La Paz, along the shores of Lake Titicaca. Currently, the many visitors to its Sanctuary of the Virgen of Candelaria and to the Isla del Sol arrive in town vía bus from Puno, in Peru, or La Paz. The volume of tourism in the area, and the relative affluence of its national and foreign visitors, has convinced the Ministry of the need for the airport, for which 18.6 million bolivianos (around 2.6 million dollars) has been budgeted.

The International Airport of Alacantarí & Touristic Airport of Monteagudo (Department of Chuquisaca)

The International Airport of Alacantarí is expected to replace the current airport located in the city of Sucre, which no longer receives any international flights. Few domestic airlines fly to Sucre as well, despite the city's reputation as a tranquil retreat and its proximity to Potosí, with its popular silver mines. Thus far, 15% has been constructed in a project that will ultimately require at least 120 million bolivianos (13 million euros). The Touristic Airport of Monteagudo, a town also close to Sucre, began construction this past April, and is expected to cost and 23.7 million bolivianos (2.6 million euros).

The International Airport of Chimoré (Department of Cochabamba)

Chimoré, in central Bolivia, is where important coca leaf syndicates reside, whose principal leader is President Evo Morales. The town will also receive an international airport, at a cost of 12 million dollars.

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Publication date: 08 Jul 2013
Sources: <a href="">Carla Colon</a>

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