Announce Electronic Tourist Ticket in Cusco

The Committee of Integrated Tourist Services (Cosituc) is working on modernizing the sale and purchase of the Tourist Ticket that includes 17 tourist places of the city of Cusco and that is necessary for national and foreign visitors to enter the Archaeological Centers, museums of the city during your stay.

The tourist ticket has two presentations according to the needs of tourists, either the Partial Tourist Ticket whose duration is 1 day and useful in case the visitors have little time.

And the General Tourist Ticket whose duration is 10 days and with which you can visit the 17 places that are included in this ticket.

Therefore, given its compulsory purchase and in order to facilitate things to visitors is working on a web platform very similar to the purchase of tickets to enter Machu Picchu to help tourists to buy the ticket via internet from any part of the world.

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It is expected that this platform will be available before the end of this year and will help the thousands of visitors that the city receives each year.

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Inca World Team
Publication date: 05 Jul 2018
Sources: Inca World

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