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23 ABR 2014

Peru has more than 500 protected species, 64 of which are considered critically endangered. Experience the amazing biodiversity of Peru by admiring its vulnerable and endangered animals in their natural habitat. Watching a giant condor soar, a blue whale breach, the blue-headed macaws congregate, or a yellow-tailed woolly monkey try to lift your camera is an amazing experience. Here's your...

15 ABR 2014

From jungle's cacophonic parrots and macaws, to the giant Andean Condor in Arequipa's Canyons and the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock near Machu Picchu, Peru has a lot to offer modern birders. It boasts more than 1800 registered species- close to 20% of the world's total, and more than found in all of North America and Europe combined!

29 MAR 2014

Apega, the Peruvian Gastronomy Association, has announced the dates and location for the Mistura Festival in Lima, Peru, which will take place in September this year. In the seven years since its inception, Mistura has become South America's largest food festival.

24 ENE 2014

It's being estimated that more than 30 thousand foreign and domestic travelers will visit Puno this year to take part in one of South America's most sensational festivals. Arrangements for the massive event are well underway. Yesterday, Puno's Queen of Folklore was crowned, although the first large event will be the Entrance of the K'apus. Get the schedule here...

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