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Tours in Puno

As the capital of the Puno Province, it is the largest city in the southern altiplano and the 3rd most popular tourist destination in Peru, with many tourists stopping by after visiting Lima and Cusco and before continuing on towards Bolivia. Its wealth of natural and cultural treasures includes Lake Titicaca and the Floating Islands of Uros, the Burial Towers of Sillustani and other pre-Inca cemeteries, and various colonial-era churches.

Its several hundred distinct folk dances and songs, most of them with costumed dancers representing characters from century-old legends, have earned it renown as the “Folkloric Capital of Peru”. You can experience this wealth of artistic and cultural expression yourself during the Feast of the Virgen of Candelaria in February, which in 2011 attracted more than 19,000 visitors

The region is predominantly rural, dedicating itself to agriculture and livestock, most notably of the llamas and alpacas which graze its plateaus and plains. Other activities include fishing and the production and sale of artisan works.

Cultural Tours

Sillustani Chullpas

1 Day Departures: Daily Departures: 2:00pm

Visit a pre-Inca highland cemetery, on top of a chilly hilltop overlooking Lake Umayo, with its famous circular burial towers, where mummified noble remains awaited their rebirth.

Floating Islands of Uros & Taquile Island

1 Day Departures: Daily Departures at 7:30am

Spend an exciting day on the world’s highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca, visiting traditional but very distinct islands that will take you back in time: from touring the famous Floating Islands of Uros, with what may be the continent‘s oldest continuing culture to hiking along traditional Taquile Island to learn about their traditional collectivist way of life.

Floating Islands of Uros, Amantani & Taquile Islands

2 Days / 1 Night Departures: Daily Morning Departures

Travel with us by motorboat along the waters of Lake Titicaca to Amantani & Taquile Islands with their colorful folklore and pre--Inca ruins, and to the man-made famous Floating Islands of Uros.

Sun Route from Puno to Cusco

1 Day Departures: Daily Departures at 7:00am

Travel the same route journeyed by the legendary founders of the Inca Empire, from the high Andean plains of Puno through the Sacred Valley of the Incas to Cusco, enjoying a variety of natural, cultural, and archeological attractions en route!


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