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Tours in Nazca

Sunny Nazca city is the perfect stop for those looking for a respite from the chilly air of Cusco or Puno. Travelers make a point of visiting in order to view the Nazca Lines, but Nazca has more to offer than this. Its arid climate has allowed for the preservation of artifacts from two of the most important civilizations to arise in pre-Columbian Peru: the Paracas and the Nazca, famed for the artistry of their intricate textiles and surrealistic ceramics. One can gain priceless insight into the Nazca Culture at sites such as Chauchillas Cemetery, where the dry environment and a resin used during burial rites so well-preserved mummies of the Nazca culture that the bodies still retain hair and skin despite their thousand-year-age.

Cultural Tours

Chauchillas Cemetery

1 Day Departures: Daily Departures at 9:00am or 2:30pm

Tour a pre-Columbian necropolis, viewing crouching skeletons and shockingly preserved mummies, and the textiles, stone tools, and intricate celebrated ceramics that they took to the grave with them in order to learn from its remains about a once-thriving desert civilization. You’ll also learn about the traditional production of the famous pottery of the Nazca culture and the fascinating colonial approach to goldmining for artisan purposes.

Aqueduct of Cantayo

1 Day Departures: Daily Departures: 9:00am and 3:00pm

Explore the impressive subterranean aqueducts of the Nazca Civilization, some of which are still in use after a thousand years and which were built by the same mysterious civilization that carved the Nazca Lines.

Extreme Tours

Usaca Sand Buggy & Sandboarding

1 Day Departures: Daily Departures at 7:00am or 1:00pm

Enjoy the rush of off-roading and sandboarding along the great sand dunes of the Nazca desert, while also visiting two sites thousands of years old, Estaqueria and the sacred city of Cahuachi, which offer clues as to the the mysterious Nazca Civilization which left its marks along the desert floor.

White Hill

1 Day Departures: Daily Departures at 5:00am

Take a three-hour trek up one of the world’s largest permanent sand dunes, enjoying impressive views of the Nazca Valley and practicing sandboarding along smaller dunes around the peak before taking that final and unforgettably thrilling leap, falling 800m in what is said to be the longest sandboarding run available in the world.


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