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foto Inti Raymi: La Fiesta Inca del Sol

Inti Raymi: The Inca Party of the Sun

There is no better date to visit Cusco than for the Inti Raymi, the Fiesta del Sol, which dates back to the time of the Incas. Today it is the second largest festival in South America, attracting 50,000 spectators every year. Two weeks of concerts, dances and fairs start each June during the Andean winter solstice, when Cusco honors its history through colorful celebrations and massive cultural representations.

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photo They find Submerged Ruins in Lake Titicaca of 2000 Years of Antiquity

They find Submerged Ruins in Lake Titicaca of 2000 Years of Antiquity

The sophisticated techniques of sub aquatic archeology are put into use for the first time in Lake Titicaca by the Ministry of Culture of Bolivia and the Free University of Brussels joint project, Huiñamarca. The first immersions allowed the multinational team to locate and identify six submerged archaeological sites and in June of this year they will begin digging with the hope of discovering the hidden secrets in the remains of the pre-Columbian formative era Tiahuanaco, and the Inca Empire.

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