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27 AGO 2014

The rapids of the Apurímac River near Cusco attract many travelers looking for adventure, as they are considered some of the best in Peru. The river is fed by melted glacial water and, after passing through gorges twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, feeds into the Amazon River. It's rated as one of the 10 Best Rafting trips in the world, thanks to ideal temperatures and rapids, sandy beaches,...

18 AGO 2014

During renovations along the principal street leading into Cusco's main square, workers uncovered Incan walls, some small steps, and a water duct dating back to 1905. Among the telephone lines and water pipes, ceramic fragments were also found, along with scattered Incan stones that had been used in earlier versions of the street, under whose base runs the Saphy River. You might be surprised...

12 AGO 2014

If you take a 1 day tour of Uyuni Salar, you will indeed visit only the salt flats. However, if you take a 3 day tour, you will see much more of the stunning landscape of southwestern Bolivia: the red and green lakes, feeding flamingoes, eroded rock formations, geysers and hotsprings, gigantic cacti, imposing volcanoes, and more.

06 AGO 2014

The little town of Nazca is in the news this week thanks to two fortuitous events: sandstorms which swept up a layer of sand from the desert floor, and an eagle-eyed pilot who spotted newly exposed Nazca lines which include a nearly 200ft long snake, a very long zigzag, a giant bird, and some camelids which appear to be llamas....

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