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20 OCT 2015

Chinchero's modest handicraft market, Incan ruins, and Spanish colonial church attract travelers who walk the cobblestone streets alongside a Quechua-speaking population that depends mainly on traditional weaving and subsistence farming. They would refer to Chinchero as a village, but local and national authorities have a new vision for Chinchero: with the help of specialists from the...

28 SET 2015

Peru is thought to be home to 600-2,500 endangered Andean condors. That's a pretty big range, isn't it? It's this uncertainty that's inspired the upcoming condor census- Peru's first. It's the first step in saving the Andean condor, the world's largest bird of flight and an stunning sight for many travelers.

19 SET 2015

There were some big changes this week with Peru's national parks and natural reserves. You can now buy online tickets directly for some parks which before required you to go through an agency. There's also a new, informative and free app available for travelers and a 'passport' that will allow you to visit 10 parks in two years on the cheap.

17 SET 2015

Last week, a Japanese-Peruvian archaeological team discovered a tomb in Chota, Cajamarca in northern Peru which dates back 2,700 years. The tomb is completely intact, which mean that no one has laid eyes or hand on it since the bodies and the artifacts accompanying them were first laid into the ground.

05 SET 2015

A general tourist ticket is in the works for the Puno region, home to Lake Titicaca and other popular attractions, which will eliminate individual entry fees for different sights and instead obligate travelers to buy one ticket which covers all local sites and is valid for several days.

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