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13 SET 2012

The formation of a Sacsayhuamán Council was announced today to address the problems confronting the Sacsyhuamán Archeological Complex, the Inca fortress on the outskirts of Cusco, Peru, which was declared in a state of emergency last week by the Ministry of Culture due to issues stemming mainly from soil instability which are in danger of causing the massive stone walls to collapse.

11 SET 2012

Dual measures could reshape travel to Cusco. One is the outfitting of the current Velasco Astete Airport to allow for evening and nocturnal flights, which is being considered to allow for more visitors- 300,000 additional visitors by the end of the year. This would just be until the second measure is completed: the new airport planned to be constructed in Chinchero just outside of Cusco,...

05 SET 2012

The "Along the Pisco Route" program was launched last week in the Ica Province along the southern coast of Peru, with the aim of investing in and promoting a tourist circuit for aficionados of Peru's premier export, Pisco Grape Brandy. This is only the beginning- plans are underway for a host of thematic circuits to allow travelers to design trips around the interests they are passionate about.

09 AGO 2012

Travelers to the Peru should keep your eye out for the hundreds of unknown species have been discovered in Peru's remote and wild ecosystems in recent years! This last month researchers have discovered a new bird and lizard in the Andean mountains, a colony of endangered yellow-tailed monkeys not seen in years in the Amazon, and registered more than 300 newly found species in the Peruvian...

08 AGO 2012

The spectacular but little-known ruins of Choquequirao, larger than Machu Picchu despite being less than halfway unearthed, has up to know only been accessible by treks through the cold Andean mountains, past remote villages, and into the tropical Apurímac river valley- but all of this is about to change. If all goes according to plan, travelers will be able to arrive at the site after only...

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