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06 OCT 2012

Exciting plans were announced to renovate parts of quaint seaside Huanchaco Village and promoting the use of its caballitos de totora, reed surfcraft used for thousands of years in the area, for sport. Designated the 5thWorld Surfing Reserve for its consistently good waves, Huanchaco does already have its fans- it was described by the president of the International Surfing Association as...

01 OCT 2012

King Abdullah II of Jordan took time from his diplomatic visit to Peru to explore the most iconic symbol of the Inca empire, Machu Picchu Archeological Complex in Peru, having travelled from Lima through Nazca and to Cusco via motorcycle convoy. The monarch praised the storied site as "beautiful, fantastic, and wonderful."

18 SET 2012

Travelers flock to Lake Titicaca, eager to visit traditional Taquile and Amantani Islands, Sacred Sun Island, and the famous Floating Islands of Uros. With pre-Inca and Inca temples and agricultural terraces, one of the oldest civilizations on the continent, diverse flora and fauna and scenic landscapes, it's considered a national treasure, but one that is coming under increasing risk. Now,...

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