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13 NOV 2012

A demanding and exciting route's been announced for this January's Dakar 2013, which is expected to bring more than a million spectators to its starting point in Lima and 10,000 to Arequipa. Challenges will include the largest chain of dunes the off-road racers have ever had to face, and the south to north route is expected to cause some big gaps and high drama early on.

06 NOV 2012

Peru's struggle to protect its cultural heritage continues, with recent victories such as the increasingly popular repatriated Machu Picchu relics  now housed in Cusco, Peru, to the return today of the tiny- no more than a foot tall- pre-Incan mummified toddler who was confiscated in Bolivia two years ago while traffickers attempted to ship it to France.

03 NOV 2012

After four years and US$1.5 million, the restoration of the Church of San Pedro in the remote Andean village of Andahuaylillas, a priceless colonial art treasure showcasing the "Andean Baroque", has been completed. With the backing of the World Monuments Fund and regional and national authorities, restorers tackled the ill effects of earthquakes, shoddy restorations, centuries of grime and...

15 OCT 2012

Queen Sofia arrived in La Paz, Bolivia today to meet with President Evo Morales regarding coins recovered from a sunken Spanish ship which set sail from the port of Lima, Peru two centuries ago laden with gold and silver mainly from Bolivia and Peru,  only to be sunk in front of the Portuguese coast by the English fleet during a naval battle. Recovered by an American salvage company, it was...

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