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27 NOV 2012

A regional order declared last week that the conservation, promotion, and cultural development of the last Inca bridge, Q'eswachaka, an official governmental priority. Members from the surrounding communities come together each year to rebuild this unique hanging bridge, made of braided straw, according to a laborious but festive ceremony inherited from the ancient Incas.

27 NOV 2012

As of this week, you can now travel the same path that pilgrims walked half a century ago, hiking past ancient streets and temples towards the spot where one of the preeminent oracles of prehispanic Peru resided. After two years of work by archeologists, who uncovered a large tomb used for mass dog sacrifices and accompanying funereal offerings in the process, the new touristic circuit known...

21 NOV 2012

It was announced today that various artifacts were discovered at Salapunku, which is located along the Inca Trail, in the "buffer zone" for Machu Picchu Sanctuary. A variety of bones, ceramics, and textiles which appear upon preliminary examination to date back to the Inca culture suggest that the area may be part of an Incan cemetery, although excavation and examination must continue in...

17 NOV 2012

It was announced last week that a museum focusing on the history of mining in Peru's central sierra will be built in the Pasco region, at 14,042 feet above sea level, which according to Peruvian news organs will make it the highest museum in the world.

13 NOV 2012

A demanding and exciting route's been announced for this January's Dakar 2013, which is expected to bring more than a million spectators to its starting point in Lima and 10,000 to Arequipa. Challenges will include the largest chain of dunes the off-road racers have ever had to face, and the south to north route is expected to cause some big gaps and high drama early on.

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