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29 ENE 2013

One of the most notable carnavals of Peru is quickly approaching- the Amazon Carnaval, based in Iquitos, the largest city of the Peruvian rainforest. The city has announced that the principal activities of this year's Carnaval will take place from February 7th through 10th, with ten indigenous communities will be participating, including the Shawi, Cocama, Maijuna, Yagua, and Candoshi....

22 DIC 2012

The Lord of Sipán is considered one of the last 30 years's most important archaeological discoveries. Many travelers visit the northern desert coast of Peru to see this Moche tomb and its museum, which displays a great amount of ceramics and other findings alongside the intricate golden treasures of the Moche. Clearly, interest in the 2000 year old Moche civlization is on the rise, as the...

19 DIC 2012

Peru has been making efforts to publicize its impressive bio-diversity to birders, with more than 1,800 bird species, some of which are found only in Peru. This week saw the culmination of the country's first marathon bird-watching competition, which attracted ornithologists from all over the world, and a redoubling of conservation efforts to save the extremely rare Iquitos Gnatcatcher.

08 DIC 2012

Two British researchers announced in this month's Antiquity the discovery of what appears to be an enormous labyrinth among the world-famous Nazca Lines in Peru. In the most detailed study of its kind to date, researchers spent five years walking the lines and studying superimposed designs, digital satellite mapping, and photographs of associated pottery, concluding that the Nazca used...

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