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17 ABR 2013

There has been much ado about quinua this year, and whether the rising popularity of the highly nutritive grain will actually benefit the poorer Andean communities in which it's grown. Yet if the intensive Bolivian efforts to popularize quinua worldwide are any indication, Bolivia expects to benefit greatly from the grain's rising profile.

13 ABR 2013

Following the exciting announcement that the world longest auto race, the Dakar Rally, will pass through Bolivian territory for the first time next year, Bolivian authorities began a flurry of preparations this week. President Evo Morales has promised millions in investments to provide electricity, potable water, and 4G mobile telephony for communities along the route and formed a committee...

14 MAR 2013

Permits for the Classic 4-Day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu have sold out through mid-July. In the face of the overwhelming demand for the Inca Trail, a variety of alternative treks are growing in popularity. Although they are not as well-known, and thus lack some of the cache of the Inca Trail, these more affordable options can be booked with less notice, cost less, and are less trafficked...

27 FEB 2013

10% of Peru's territory is protected in national parks, natural reserves, and historic sanctuaries. The 35 zones managed by the SERNANP state agency were visited by record numbers last year- 150,000 more than the previous year. Some of the top sites, such as Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary and Titicaca National Reserve, were expected; others were surprises, such as Huascarán National Park,...

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