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08 JUN 2013

A new initiative known as "Smart Visas: Ease + Efficiency" was introduced at the World Economic Forum in Lima; Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador have agreed to develop a system which would allow travelers to obtain a visa online and use it in all three countries. It was presented along with Pentur 2012 - 2021, which aims to increase receptive tourism by 67% in the next 8 year

24 MAY 2013

Last week, Peru's National Tourism Chamber (CANATUR) announced that a strong decrease of tourism in the city of Nazca generated a loss of US$100 million in the zone. According to president Carlos Canales, the main cause is a 50% decrease in tourism due to competition from the new Pisco airport, which cuts up to 28 hours of bus travel off of travelers' itineraries, eliminating the need to...

13 MAY 2013

Sophisticated techniques of subaquatic archeology will be put to use for the first time in Lake Titicaca by the Bolivian Ministry of Culture and the Free University of Brussels joint project, Huiñamarca. The first immersions permitted the multinational team to locate and identify six submerged archeological sites and this June they'll begin excavating in hopes of uncovering trhe secrets...

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