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14 OCT 2013

Peru's "City of Kings", the capital city of Lima, winning 31 of 57 possible votes in the competition to host the 2019 Pan American Games! Before the election, the delegation gave an emotional presentation, with speeches in English and Spanish as well as promotional videos highlighting the virtues of Lima. This is the first time Peru will be hosting.

09 OCT 2013

For centuries, there have been legends of submerged citadels and riches in Lake Titicaca, but now the the revolutionary subaquatic archeological dig known as the Wiñay Marka Project may be on the verge of seeing how much of those legends are true. Digging where building remains and terraces were found by geophysical surveying, divers found thousands of relics, including silver silver pieces,...

02 OCT 2013

The Moche Route along the northern coastal desert of Peru comprises the major archeological sites of the Moche, one of the most mysterious and extravagant civilizations to have existed in Peru. Along the way, you visit the  huacas (pyramid temples) and other adobe structures whose elaborate murals and friezes, mummies, ceramics and gold works all display the complex iconography of an...

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