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14 DIC 2013

It may seem odd to see Edvard Munch's name in the news alongside archeological findings, but the recent rediscovery of a tomb in the Peruvian amazon has caused just that: the exact site where the mummy which inspired Munch's "Scream"- one of the most reproduced paintings in the world- was discovered in the Peruvian Amazon was located last week.

11 NOV 2013

This month, the oldest civilization of the Americas celebrated the 19th anniversary of its discovery. As part of the traditional celebrations hosted by the archeological team at the sacred city of Caral, the newest archeological findings were announced, proving yet again that there is still so much to discover about the pre-Incan civilization which built Caral 5,000 years ago and controlled...

06 NOV 2013

Humpback whales provide such a spectacular show as they jump, splash, and sing that whale watching is becoming a local draw in Peru's Piura region. This year, three thousand Peruvian and foreign tourists visited Piura during the whale watching season, a 50% increase over last year. They aren't the only ones who are coming in greater numbers: according to experts, some four thousand whales...

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