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07 JUN 2014

The director of Machu Picchu and leader of its archeological team, Fernando Astete, announced this week the discovery of a new Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu Citadel. Intriguingly, the newly-discovered trail seems to predate Machu Picchu itself. It covers nearly a mile and includes tunnel carved into the mountain side.

13 MAY 2014

Upon flying into Jorge Chávez airport in Lima, you might notice an iPerú app stand. What's that about? Mincetur (Peru's Tourism and Foreign Commerce Ministry) is promoting a new mobile app intended to provide greater safety for travelers and locals, which travelers can download the app at the stand or from a QR code...

23 ABR 2014

Peru has more than 500 protected species, 64 of which are considered critically endangered. Experience the amazing biodiversity of Peru by admiring its vulnerable and endangered animals in their natural habitat. Watching a giant condor soar, a blue whale breach, the blue-headed macaws congregate, or a yellow-tailed woolly monkey try to lift your camera is an amazing experience. Here's your...

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