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31 JUL 2014

Nazca's arid climate has preserved a range of intriguing artifacts, including textiles and ceramics with intricate, mythical designs & millennia-old mummies. Among these, one finds the subterranean Cantayoc Aqueducts, which, more than a thousand years after their construction, are still providing water to transform parched ground into a fertile valley. A

23 JUL 2014

After an impressive campaign by the 6 countries which it unites, the Incan Qhapaq Ñan (Quechua for Royal Road) has been added to Unesco's list of World Heritage sites. Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador all cooperated to present what's commonly known as the Inca Trail as a candidate.

21 JUL 2014

The Festival of the Virgin of Candelaria is celebrated in Copacabana twice a year, on Feb 2nd & Aug 5th. It's marked by folkloric parades with live music and vibrantly costumed dancers, religious processions combined with drunken street parties and feasting, shamans selling fortunes along streets lined with new vehicles festooned with streamers and presented for blessing with beer. It's a fun...

15 JUL 2014

The Wall Street Journal has ranked Lima Peru as one of the world's top cities to visit, in recognition of a rising popularity thanks in part to a lauded and innovative cuisine and an architectural jumble of modern highrises and colonial buildings dotted with the odd pre-Columbian pyramid shrine. Unfortunately, many travelers to Peru skip Lima in their eagerness to fit in all the country's...

12 JUL 2014

This fourth annual Invita Perú gastronomic festival will take place from July 25th through August 3rd, with S/10 entry tickets already available through Teleticket. This year's theme is the colonial epoch, which means that you will be able to enjoy the most traditional foods, sweets, and drinks of Lima. There'll also be free classes and  outdoor concerts.

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