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Who we are?

Who We Are

Inca World has more than 12 years of experience in the tourism sector, with tour operators in the main touristic destinations of Peru and Bolivia. Each member of our dedicated team shares the aim of helping you enjoy a unique and unforgettable stay in these countries so rich in history, culture, and hospitality. As an agency licensed by the government departments overseeing tourism in the country, you will have the peace of mind of having opted for a formally supervised and qualified professional company.

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Why Choose Us

Our relationship with clients is based on confidence, creativity, commitment, and quality. We can optimize your time and investment, attending to trip details and eliminating unnecessary costs.


What we offer

Personalized Constant Assistance
Our Customer Service Department is on-call 24-hours a day to be able to respond to client needs in a timely manner.
Personalized Attention
Our dedicated team offer quick and creative options and solutions tailored to your needs and requests.
Receptive Tourism Department
Our team of expert consultants can help you find the best trip and package options, prices, and reservations. In accordance with the budget which you have, we'll find the best option for you.
Expert Guides
Our select group of hand-picked guides will be entrusted with taking you to your destination, attending to your needs and providing you with a clear understanding and interpretation of the places you'll visit.

Responsible Tourism

Inca World is committed to the practice of responsible tourism that cares for the environment, community, and culture of the places we'll visit. We see to promote through our work the comprehensive development of the towns, so that our visits can benefit local communities while caring for the sustainability of touristic resources.

We seek to minimize any negative impact to ensure that many more tourists can also visit the same destinations in the future.


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