Colca Canyon Two Day Trek

Colca Canyon Two Day Trek

During this tour you will visit Colca Canyon’s most famous lookout, Condor’s Cross, and trek down to the Oasis, a tropical zone in the canyon where we’ll spend the night in bungalows surrounded by lush greenery. During our return to Arequipa, we’ll stop in the Aguada Blanca and Salinas National Reserve so that you can appreciate the variety of endangered animals, most notably the vicuña, which call the Cañahuas Plains home.

  • Duration2 Days / 1 Night
  • CategoryHiking
  • DeparturesDaily Departures at 3:00am
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Photo Gallery: Colca Canyon Two Day Trek

Condors Cross lookout in Colca Canyon in Arequipa, Peru.
Conder flying over Colca Canyon nearby Arequipa, Peru.
Group of trekkers in Colca Canyon outside Arequipa, Peru.
Local woman with mule in Colca Canyon in Arequipa, Peru.
Traditionally dressed women in Chivay in Colca Canyon, Arequ
Relaxing in the Chivay hot springs in Colca Canyon, Arequipa
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Colca Canyon Two Day Trek
2 Days / 1 Night Program


Arequipa – Cabanaconde


We’ll pick you up from your hotel or hostel in Arequipa quite early, at 1:00am, before departing for the bus terminal to board the public bus to the town of Cabanaconde.


Arrival to the town of Cabanaconde, where we’ll stop to enjoy a delicious breakfast.


We’ll begin the 1000 meter descent into one of the world’s deepest canyons to the Colca River, which forged the canyon. From there we’ll ascend for a bit to visit the first rural canyon community, San Juan de Chuccho.


In the town of San Juan de Chuccho we’ll have a nutritious lunch typical of the zone.


After lunch we’ll set off anew, continuing our ascent towards Cosñirhua and then Malata before then descending to cross the hanging bridge of Sangalle to the community of Sangalle, also known as the riverside Oasis. You’ll notice the climate is notable warmer and the vegetation more dense here. Here we’ll rest and enjoy a dip in the soothing 23º C hotsprings.


In the evening we’ll set up camp, share a satisfying dinner, and settle in for the night.

What's included on this day?

  • Hotel Pickup
  • Public Transport: Arequipa – Cabanaconde
  • Specialized Trekking Guide
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • 01 Night’s Lodging: Sangalle Oasis

What's not included on this day?

  • Admission: Colca Canyon (Tourist Ticket)

Sangalle - Cabanaconde


We’ll rise early to begin to ascend through the Canyon before the sun rises overhead. The journey will take approximately 3 hours.


Upon our arrival to Cabanaconde, we’ll have breakfast and then board the first bus which leaves for the viewing platform known as Condors’ Cross Lookout


At Condors’ Cross, we’ll be able to observe the world’s largest birds of flight as they rise from their nesting colony deep below. Like clockwork, they begin to circle in search of food, riding the thermals of the sun’s rays warming the canyon.


Afterwards, we’ll return by bus to the town Chivay, where you will have time to explore a bit or perhaps visit the La Calera Hot Springs.


We’ll have free time for lunch in Chivay in the afternoon (this is not included in the package, but you will find a variety of options available) and then begin the return to Arequipa.


Upon our arrival to the city of Arequipa, you’ll be dropped back off at your hotel or hostel.

What's included on this day?

  • Hotel Drop-off
  • Transport: Chivay – Arequipa
  • Specialized Trekking Guide
  • Breakfast

What's not included on this day?


  • Lunch & Dinner
  • Admission: La Calera Hot Springs (Optional Excursion)
  • Lodging in Arequipa

Additional information of this tour

Tour Includes:

  • Hotel Pickup & Drop-off
  • Public Transport: Arequipa - Cabanaconde
  • Public Transport: Chivay - Arequipa
  • Specialized Trekking Guide
  • Meals
    • 02 Breakfasts
    • 02 Lunches
    • 01 Dinner
  • 01 Night’s Lodging: Sangalle Oasis

Not Included:

  • Tourist Ticket for Admission to Colca Canyon (S/35.00)
  • Admission: La Calera Thermal Baths (S/10.00)
  • Lodging in Arequipa
  • Meals
    • Lunch in Chivay on Day 02
    • Dinner on Day 02

Recommended for this tour:

  • Warm Clothes (for the night and early morning)
  • Sunglasses and hat (for the midday sun)
  • Bathing Suit
  • Small Towel & Sandals
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunblock
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Small day pack
  • Camera
  • Rainponcho
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Money for Discretionary Spending (souveneirs, drinks)
  • Flash Light & Batteries

Spending & Emergency Money

You should bring some extra money for discretional spending (tips, admission to Las Caleras Thermal Baths, souvenirs, meals and snacks, bottled water and other drinks, etc) as well as some emergency money which will hopefully not be needed.

Altitude Sickness

Ability to adapt to high altitude is determined more by genetic makeup than by fitness or health, making it difficult to predict whether someone might be affected. Those who set aside a day for acclimatization rarely have problems afterward (although you will most likely feel the altitude at one point during the first day’s drive, as we will make a stop at 4800m!).

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